Who is Kusumi?

Who is Kusumi?

Koharu Kusumi (久住 小春, Kusumi Koharu, born July 15, 1992 in Niigata Prefecture) is a Japanese actress, model, television personality, singer, and voice actress. In 2005, she became the only seventh generation member of the Japanese girl group Morning Musume, a part of Hello! Project.

Does Seiji like Kirari?

Unlike Hiroto, Seiji is very kind and prince-like to Tsukishima Kirari, which makes Kirari fall in love with him and determined to become an idol to get close to him. Seiji realizes that Hiroto and Kirari have deep feelings towards each other, and has even attempted to get them alone together to confess their feelings.

Who is the best gambler in Kakegurui?

3. Yumeko Jabami. The main character in Kakegurui, Yumeko gambles for the sake of gambling. She enjoys the thrill and is willing to risk everything on a good bet.

What happened to Kusumi Koharu?

On January 9, Kusumi started hosting a weekly radio show titled Kusumi Koharu Kohappy Time on FM PORT. On April 1, Kusumi started hosting a second radio program called Kusumi Koharu no MEDIASHIP927 on BSN. On November 30, Kusumi’s contract with J.P ROOM was not renewed and she had decided to leave UP-FRONT GROUP entirely.

What is Kusumi Koharu’s highest and lowest selling single?

Project soloist under the name Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume), her highest selling single is ” Balalaika ” with 72,709 copies. Her lowest selling single is ” Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! ” with 14,468 copies sold. Kusumi Koharu was born on July 15, 1992 in the village of Washima in Niigata, Japan (now part of Nagaoka City).

Is Kusumi in love with Kamei Eri?

She and Kamei Eri were known to be “whatever works” comrades. Niigaki Risa has expressed her love for Kusumi, and when they were both in Morning Musume their pairing name was Gaki-Koha. Was a “troublesome kid” when she entered Morning Musume.

How old was Kusumi when she joined Hello Project?

Kusumi joined Morning Musume in 2005 as the only seventh generation member, being only twelve years old when she joined. Shortly after joining, she was given the role of Tsukishima Kirari for the anime Kirarin☆Revolution. She became the youngest Hello! Project soloist to debut following the release of ” Koi☆Kana “.