Who is the manufacturer of Fujidenzo?

Who is the manufacturer of Fujidenzo?

Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc.
Distributed locally by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Fujidenzo commercial appliances are world-class, efficient, affordable, and durable.

Is Fujidenzo under whirlpool?

(Exatech) is the exclusive distributor of Whirlpool, Fujidenzo, Glem and Maytag Commercial Laundry. With the company’s relentless drive and commitment to serve the local market’s needs, it has since grown and evolved from an appliance retailer, a single brand distributor, to a multi-brand appliance distributor.

Who owns condura?

Concepcion Industrial Corporation
The Condura brand comes from Concepcion Durables, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation. It is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the Philippines, engaged in the manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers for the domestic market for more than 30 years.

Which country made Whirlpool?

Whirlpool Of India Ltd. The parent company is headquartered at Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA with a global presence in over 170 countries and manufacturing operation in 13 countries with 11 major brand names such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Bauknecht, Laden and Ignis.

Where are hanabishi products made?

Hanabishi products are manufactured in China, which is known for its high volume of production. “We source it where it is of good quality and affordable. We are looking for other countries which could produce the same, but so far China remains the most viable source.

Is Fujidenzo refrigerator an inverter?

Storing food items properly has become a lot easier since it prevents ice and frost build-up in the freezer or fridge. Aside from this, they are equipped with Heavy Duty (HD) Inverter Technology which gives you up to 50% energy savings, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency and performance.