Who is the MMM leader?

Who is the MMM leader?

Mauritian Militant Movement

Mauritian Militant Movement Mouvement Militant Mauricien
Leader Paul Bérenger
Secretary-General Rajesh Bhagwan
Deputy Leader Jaya Krishna Cuttaree

How old is Navin Ramgoolam?

74 years (July 14, 1947)Navin Ramgoolam / Age

What is MSM Movement?

The Militant Socialist Movement (French: Mouvement Socialiste Militant; abbreviated MSM) is a centre-left political party in Mauritius that adheres to the philosophies of socialism and political democracy.

Who is Joanna Berenger?

Joanna Bérenger is the daughter of Paul Bérenger and Arline Perrier. She has worked as a Project Manager of private enterprise Omnicane Limited, on the Mon-Trésor Smart City Project.

Who was the first prime minister in Mauritius?

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, MLP leader and chief minister in the colonial government, became the first prime minister at independence, on March 12, 1968.

What does MSM stand for?

The term “MSM” has a widespread, accepted use to mean “men who have sex with men.” While originally a public-health term to accurately capture behavioral risk rather than a cultural identity (i.e., “gay”), it now is recognized throughout the public-health, medical, psychological and LGBT communities as a standard …

What is MSM good for?

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Who is the husband of Joanna Berenger?

Paul Raymond Bérenger GCSK, MP (born 26 March 1945) is a Mauritian politician who was Prime Minister of Mauritius from 2003 to 2005.

How does the MMM work?

The MMM is divided into branches, each of which has a minimum of ten members. Each branch sends two representatives to the local Regionale. Each Regionale has one representative on the party’s Central Committee (CC). The CC also includes one male and one female representative of the party’s Youth Wing.

What is the history of MMM?

The MMM was founded in 1968 as a students’ movement ( Club des Étudiants Mauriciens) by Paul Bérenger, Dev Virahsawmy, Zeel Peerun, Jooneed Jeeroburkhan, Fureed Muttur, Chafeekh Jeeroburkhan, Sushil Kushiram, Tirat Ramkissoon, Krishen Mati, Ah-Ken Wong, Kriti Goburdhun, Allen Sew Kwan Kan, Vela Vengaroo, and Amedee Darga amongst others.

What does the MMM do in Rodrigues?

(A twenty-first constituency covers the island of Rodrigues; the MMM, like other mainland parties, typically does not contest elections there, although historically they had a Regionale organized there). The MMM is divided into branches, each of which has a minimum of ten members.

What happened to the MSM and MMM?

The coalition has been reformed in April 2012 after an electoral agreement between the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) and Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) was made with Sir Anerood Jugnauth as leader. The agreements remain the same, 30 seats for the MMM and 30 seats for the MSM.