Who owns Need Essentials?

Who owns Need Essentials?

founder Ryan Scanlon
Need Essentials is an innovative surf goods company. With over two decades of industry experience, founder Ryan Scanlon and good friend Rob Colby created a grassroots business that offers an exceptional premium limestone-based suit at an affordable price.

Does need essentials ship to Canada?

Can you ship internationally? We ship to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Canada. For Europe visit www.needessentials.uk.

Who makes Needessentials wetsuits?

RYAN Scanlon is all about work life balance. The Jan Juc-born businessman used to be the Senior Vice President of Global Products for the world’s largest surfing company.

Does Volcom make wetsuits?

Volcom wetsuits is a lifestyle brand driven by design and quality. Inspired by art, music, films, athletes, and clothing, Volcom delivers a line of wetsuits that combine creativity, style, and function.

Who are Needessentials?

needessentials is an independent, direct supply company, run by Australian surfers. We value the truth, which is why we are honest about what it costs to create our products.

Are Volcom wetsuits made by feral?

Ryan Burch in Volcom’s new 3/2 back-zip, built by San Francisco’s Feral Wetsuits.

Do vans make wetsuits?

Vans Surf Boot 2 Hi V A crucial companion in cooler climates, the Surf Boot 2 Hi V features 3mm Neoprene for added comfort and warmth around the foot and ankle. An engineered rubber outsole with micro-waffle siping provides maximum grip with minimal thickness, protecting the foot’s connection with the board.

Who makes Volcom wetsuit?

Ryan Burch in the new Volcom 3/2 backzip, built by San Francisco’s Feral Wetsuits. You guys have done some tops and whatnot over the years, and the teamriders have been running the Stone on their private label suits for a few years.