Who owns Phoenix publishing?

Who owns Phoenix publishing?

Sibal’s sons and daughters helmed Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. and brought it to new heights of leadership, helping create new products and transforming existing ones. The stringent demands of a burgeoning market gave rise to Sibs Publishing House, Inc. in the ’90s.

Who owns Phoenix Books?

Owner Michael DeSanto
Phoenix Owner Michael DeSanto in the Media | Phoenix Books.

How much does it cost to get a copyright on a book?

The standard registration fee for electronic registration is $65. But the fee is $45 to register a copyright for one work by one author that is not a work for hire, which is when a writer is hired to write or ghostwrite a book and is paid for his or her work under an agreement with the author/and or publisher.

What can you find at Phoenix Books?

Here are some of the local businesses and individuals whose products we carry at Phoenix Books: Danforth: Fine pewter handcrafted in Vermont. Local Authors: From picture books to poetry, and from Oprah picks to small-press gems. A selection of local magazines, including Taproot, Vermont Life, and Vermont Magazine.

What does Phoenix Books do for the community?

Here at Phoenix Books Essex, Burlington, and Rutland, we love our customers – and our communities. We support other local stores, local authors, and local artists. You can find out more about what we do in the community – and what you support every time you shop here at Phoenix Books – by reading on. If you’re already a Phoenix customer, thank you!

Where are the best book publishers in Vermont?

Inner Traditions, a publisher based in Rochester, Vermont Green Writers Press, based in West Brattleboro, Vermont Tuttle Publishing, based in North Clarendon, Vermont Chelsea Green, a press based in White River Junction, Vermont. 2. You Help the Environment

Why choose a local business in Phoenix?

Local businesses like Phoenix are owned by people who live here, work here, and are invested in the community – with much more than just their dollars. Local owners see and feel the impacts of their business decisions.