Who won medals in 4-man bobsled?

Who won medals in 4-man bobsled?

Germany completes its sliding dominance with gold and silver in four-man bobsled. Germany took gold and silver in the four-man bobsled event on Sunday, giving the country medals in all but one sliding event at the Winter Olympics.

How many medals has the US won in bobsled?

The quartet won the first U.S. Olympic gold medal in the sport in 62 years….Four-man.

Nation United States
Gold 4
Silver 5
Bronze 3
Total 12

Who has the most gold medals in bobsledding?

André Lange, (born June 28, 1973, Ilmenau, East Germany), German bobsledder and coach who captured more Olympic gold medals (four) than any other driver in history.

Who won the men’s 4-man bobsleigh?

Team Germany’s Francesco Friedrich, Thorsten Margis, Candy Bauer and Alexander Schueller won gold in the men’s 4-man bobsleigh. (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Which country has dominated the four-man bobsled at the Olympics?

Germany has dominated the four-man race over the last decade. In the last 10 Olympics dating back to 1988, Germany has won gold in the four-man bobsled event six times.

Which country has won the most bobsleigh medals at the Olympics?

The Germans have dominated the sport at these Olympics, winning gold in three of the Games’ four bobsleigh events and racking up seven of the 12 bobsledding medals awarded in Beijing. Team Great Britain celebrates after defeating Team Japan in the women’s curling final on Sunday. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

When did the US last win a bobsleigh medal at the Olympics?

The Americans haven’t won a medal in the four-man bobsled event since the 2014 Sochi Games, when they finished with silver. The U.S. won gold at the 2010 Games.