Why is audio only coming out of my monitor?

Why is audio only coming out of my monitor?

This issue might happen when you have the speakers set as the default audio device. To fix it, you’ll need to set your default output device manually. Follow the instructions below: 1) Right-click the Volume Control icon on the taskbar and select Sounds.

Why is my video only playing audio?

This problem is often caused by a codec issue. A movie may be created to utilize a certain codec to allow the file to be smaller and more portable. However, for the movie file to be played in the media player it must also have the codec installed.

Why is voice connected but not music?

Enable media audio If you’re getting no sound out of your Bluetooth headphones, make sure that the Media Audio setting is turned on. With your Bluetooth headphones connected, go to Settings, and click Bluetooth. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the list. On the next screen, make sure that Media Audio is turned ON.

How do I switch audio from monitor to computer?

Right-click the audio icon in the system tray area of the Windows taskbar and select “Playback devices.” If you connected your monitor via HDMI or DisplayPort, click the name of your monitor in the list of devices. If you connected via 3.5 mm audio and DVI or VGA, click “Speakers.”

How do I turn off laptop speakers but not headphones?

Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray. Select either Adjust Audio Properties or Playback devices in the menu. Click in the Device usage drop-down list (bottom of the window) and select Do not use this device (disable) from the list of options. Click OK.

Why is my Windows Media Player not showing video?

Uninstall and reinstall Windows Media Player If enabling Now Playing doesn’t get the video to show, there may be a problem with the Windows Media Player. Try uninstalling the app, and installing it again.

Why is my video not playing?

The header of the video file could be missing or corrupted. There can be issues with the syncing of its video or audio component. The file might not be compatible with your Android phone or the media player you are using. Chances are that the SD card where your video has been stored could be corrupted as well.

How do I turn on Media audio?

Check that Media audio is turned on:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Connected devices. If you see “Bluetooth,” tap it.
  3. If you see Previously connected devices, tap it.
  4. Next to your car or accessory’s name, tap Settings .
  5. Turn on Media audio.

When I put headphones in my laptop sound still comes from computer?

Set your headphones as the default audio device If you have multiple audio output devices connected to your Windows 10 PC, your device might stream the sound in the wrong output even after you plug in your headphones. To prevent this from happening, set your headphones as your PC’s default audio device.

How do I change my audio output?

Change Audio Output in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Sound icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Click the arrow next to the Speaker option.
  3. You will see the options available for audio output. Click the one that you need based on what you are connected to. (
  4. Sound should start playing out of the correct device.

How do I change audio input?

How do I change my audio input and output in the desktop app?

  1. Sign in to the desktop or web app.
  2. Select your profile picture in the top right and then select Settings.
  3. Expand Voice in the left sidebar and then select Audio.
  4. From Input and output, choose the Microphone and Speaker you’d like to use.

Why is there no sound coming out of Windows 11?

Undo any recent system changes you think could have caused Windows 11 to suddenly have no sound. If you know the sound quit working recently, and you can identify what has changed, then you have a good chance at getting the sound back. Depending on your situation, this could include:

How do I play audio on my computer?

Click on playing audio under Sound. Click on Advanced on the playing audio dialog box and click on Run as administrator (Enter the credentials if required). Click on Next and follow onscreen instruction complete the playing audio troubleshooter.

Why can’t I hear audio on my computer?

Here’s how: Select the Speakers icon on the taskbar. Next, select the arrow to open a list of audio devices connected to your computer. Check that your audio is playing to the audio device you prefer, such as a speaker or headphones.

How to fix no sound issue on Windows 10?

a) Press Windows +X keys on the keyboard. b) Select Device Manager. c) Find and double-click Audio inputs and outputs. d) Right-click the driver under it, and click Uninstall. e) Windows will prompt you to confirm the device’s removal. Click OK to remove the driver. f) After the uninstallation is complete, reboot your computer as soon as possible.