Why is my LTE data not working?

Why is my LTE data not working?

Restart your device Simply press and hold the power button of your smartphone and then tap Restart. Wait a couple of seconds and turn it back on. Check your status icon, but also test the speed of your LTE connection by opening some websites or downloading some smaller apps.

What should my APN settings be for straight talk?

Straight Talk APN settings for Android

APN Setting Android
Proxy proxy.mvno.tracfone.com
Port 80

Why is my data on but not working?

“My mobile data is on but not working” could be caused by a minor system glitch or an error from your mobile operator that can be fixed by rebooting your phone. In that case, just reboot your phone to see if the trick works: You can restart most Android devices by long-pressing the power button for about 10 seconds.

Why is my LTE not working straight talk?

I got hold of some resources online and understood that the call drop and data issues are mostly related to the network glitches, delayed payments and plan renewals. You can fix Straight Talk Data Not Working by renewing your data plan on time and by resetting your network settings on your mobile device.

Why is my iPhone LTE not working?

Make Sure Airplane Mode Is Off Your iPhone cannot connect to cellular networks when Airplane Mode is on. Open Settings and take a look at the switch next to Airplane Mode. If Airplane Mode is on, tap the switch to turn it off. If Airplane Mode is already off, try turning it on for about five seconds, then off again.

How do I reset my Straight Talk APN?

For those of you that do have access to the settings they can be found by going to either Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network OR Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network. Once there you can either tap to reset settings to default or manually edit them.

Why does my Straight Talk phone keep saying mobile network not available?

Check Network Settings So, you should have a thorough check of network modes and operators, and make sure the correct options are selected. Check whether phone is in Roaming Mode. Disable it, if you see the Roaming Mode on. In case you’re in a roaming area, this mode should be enabled.

Why is data not working on iPhone?

Reset Network Settings It’s worth trying if nothing else has worked to fix this problem yet: Go to the Settings app and select General. On iOS 15 and later, choose Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If you’re on iOS 14 or earlier, tap Reset > Reset Network Settings.

What should I do if my mobile data is not working?

Steps to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Android

  1. Check If You’ve Reached Your Mobile Data Limit.
  2. Try Restarting Your Mobile Phone.
  3. Check If You’re on Airplane Mode.
  4. Check If You’re Using the Right Mobile Network.
  5. Re-Insert Your SIM Card.
  6. Reset Your APN.
  7. Change Your APN Protocol.
  8. Manually Enter Your APN.

Is your Straight Talk mobile data not working?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a simply solution for this problem. Here are a few recommendations. If you just signed up for Straight Talk Wireless and your cellular data isn’t working you may need to set the APN. To do this you’ll need to install what’s called an APN profile.

Does Samsung give straight talk or straight Internet?

Well, they give straight talk, but not straight internet. Well, they give straight talk, but not straight internet. Crap. Internet went out again today. Thankfully after power cycling the phone it came back.

How do I fix cellular data not working on my iPhone?

Go to Settings -> Cellular and turn on the switch next to Cellular Data at the top of screen. You’ll know Cellular Data in on when the switch is green. If Cellular Data is already on, try toggling the switch off and back on. This will give Cellular Data a fresh start, just in case it’s not working because of a minor software glitch.

Does St/Verizon Straight Talk give you the Straight Talk service?

Straight Talk definitely does not give you the Straight Talk. Well, they give straight talk, but not straight internet. Well, they give straight talk, but not straight internet. Crap. Internet went out again today. Thankfully after power cycling the phone it came back. What is up with ST/Verizon service? Crap. Internet went out again today.