Why was stone cold not at WrestleMania 13?

Why was stone cold not at WrestleMania 13?

Hart had originally eliminated Austin from the match but Austin’s elimination was considered unofficial because the officials did not see it as they were busy attending to a brawl between eliminated wrestlers Mankind and Terry Funk.

Who Evented WrestleMania 13?

The Undertaker

WRESTLEMANIA XI Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow N/A
WRESTLEMANIA XII Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (Champ) 60 Min Iron Man Match/WWF Championship
WRESTLEMANIA 13 The Undertaker vs Sycho Sid (Champ) WWF Championship
WRESTLEMANIA XIV Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (Champ) WWF Championship

What was the main feud heading into WrestleMania 13?

The main feud heading into WrestleMania 13 was between The Undertaker and Sycho Sid, with the two battling over the WWF Championship. At In Your House 13, Bret Hart last eliminated The Undertaker in the Final Four match to win the vacant WWF Championship.

How many people attended WrestleMania 13 in Chicago?

WrestleMania 13 was the second WrestleMania to take place in the Chicago metropolitan area, following WrestleMania 2. The event was attended by 18,197 who paid a total of $837,150 in admission fees, and drew a 0.77 buyrate.

What is the greatest wrestling match of all time?

However, the submission match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin was highly praised, being called one of the greatest matches in wrestling history, and has been cited by some as the beginning of the Attitude Era .

What happened between Bret Hart and Austin Austin at WrestleMania 13?

Hart and Austin were booked to wrestle in a submission match at WrestleMania, but Hart got a shot at the WWF Championship in a steel cage match on the March 17 edition of Raw Is War, with the winner defending the title against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 13.