Do Lyft drivers get benefits?

Do Lyft drivers get benefits?

Lyft offers a range of well-being benefits, including great medical, dental, and vision insurance options. We support physical well-being covering One Medical membership fees where it’s available.

What is a platinum Lyft driver?

Keep your driving score high To reach Silver, you’ll need a score of 60% or more. For the Gold and Platinum Tiers, you’ll need to maintain a driving score of 80% or higher.

Do Lyft drivers get discounts?

Drivers who use Lyft Direct can get special cashback offers and partner discounts. All Lyft Direct cashback offers and partner discounts are subject to change.

What is the highest Lyft rating?

At the end of the ride, drivers and passengers can rate each other on a scale of 1–5 stars, 5 being the best. Our two-way rating system helps ensure the safety and comfort of the Lyft community….Driver and passenger ratings

  • Rating your driver.
  • Rating your passenger.
  • How Lyft calculates ratings.
  • Unfair ratings.

Do Lyft drivers get discounts on gas?

Lyft Fuel Rewards Program If you’re a Lyft driver who participates in the Accelerate Rewards program, you can get a discount on gas at participating Shell stations. The discount amount is based on your Accelerate Rewards level.

Does Lyft match 401K?

Good Financial Benefits But No 401k Match Lyft’s financial benefits are fairly standard: it offers a 401K plan, short-term disability insurance, and life insurance. Like many big tech companies, Lyft also has an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, which allows team members to purchase its stock at a 15% discount.

What does Silver mean for Lyft?

Silver, the lowest tier, offers only 2 percent cash back on gas, even less of a roadside assistance discount, and no cash out options. Lyft previously had a simple rewards program called Accelerate Rewards with silver, gold, and platinum perks based on the number of rides given.

What’s the longest Lyft ride?

That’s a $744 trip at standard Lyft rates.

What does Silver mean in Lyft?

Why are my BP Driver rewards rewards not redeeming?

From time to time, rewards earned through fuel transactions processed inside a BP convenience store location may not record or redeem correctly via your linked card. You may check your BP Driver Rewards transaction history at If you feel a transaction is missing, please contact 1-877-852-3025 for handling.

Which cards are not eligible to be linked to Driver rewards?

BP Visa® Credit Card with Driver Rewards and BP Credit Card with Driver Rewards are not eligible to be linked. For more on card eligibility, see the Terms and Conditions. * All rewards are valid for a single use only, up to 20 gallons. Any unused rewards are forfeited. May not be valid with other offers.

How do I link my card to BIP Driver rewards?

To link your card, visit, log in, and you will be presented with a Visa-hosted website to complete the linking process. Please allow 48 hours for linking activation to take place.

How do I earn rewards with my linked card?

To earn rewards via your linked card, you must swipe your card at the beginning of the transaction for any purchase of BP-branded gasoline at participating BP locations. For participating BP locations see Station Finder.