How do you do cat eye eyeliner for beginners?

How do you do cat eye eyeliner for beginners?

Draw a line to connect the inner corner of your eye with your cat eye. Position your eyeliner at the corner of your eye, then slowly pull the liner toward the cat eye. Continue across your eye until you reach the outer corner of your lid. This will make the top of your cat eye look even.

How do you subtle a cat’s eyeliner?

The main difference is to start your liner in the center of your eye instead of tracing all the way from the inner corner. Then use short, thin strokes to draw along your lash line, and give it a tiny flick at the end for a subtle wing.

How to make a perfect cat eyeliner?

Make yourself an outline. One of the most common cat-eye mistakes,Lavonne says,is “curly cats,” when the eyeliner wing curls upwards instead of jutting straight out.

  • Resist the urge to close or stretch your eyes. A lot of people use their fingers to stretch out their eyelid when applying an eyeliner wing.
  • Makeup remover is always there to help you.
  • How to do perfect cat eye makeup with Eyeliner?

    – If the tape removed any eyeshadow, carefully patch it up with more eyeshadow. – If you usually apply any under eye concealer, you can do so now. – If you used a pencil eyeliner, you may need to do several layers of eyeliner to get a cat eye look.

    How to make cat eyes with Eyeliner?

    How to Make Cat Eyes With Eyeliner. To create a classic cat eye, start by pressing the handle of a makeup brush against your nose and angling it so it touches the end of your eyebrow. Use this as a guide, then draw a dot where you want the tip of your cat eye wing to be. Repeat on your other eye.

    How do you make cat eyes with makeup?

    Apply neutral or light eyeshadow from your lash line up to your crease.

  • Angle a brush from your nose to your outer brow to find your end point.
  • Use eyeliner to make a dot just above your crease to mark the tip of your wing.
  • Draw a line connecting the dot to the outer corner of your eye.