How do you size a giant bike?

How do you size a giant bike?

Choosing the right size Giant bike is easy. First, measure your height and inside leg (inseam)….Typical Giant Mountain Bike Size Chart.

Size Height (cm) Height (inches)
XS 152 – 160 5’0” – 5’3”
S 160 – 172 5’3” – 5’8”
M 170 – 183 5’7” – 6’0”
L 183 – 193 6’0” – 6’4”

What size Giant Bicycle do I need?

Giant Road Bikes

Conventional Size (Equiv) Sizing Rider Height
49-51cm XS 5′ 2″ – 5′ 4″
51-54cm S 5′ 4″ – 5′ 7″
55-57cm M 5′ 7″ – 5’10”
57-59cm M/L 5′ 10″ – 6′ 0″

What do the numbers on Giant bikes mean?

Don’t be daunted by the numbers, they refer to the number of teeth on the crankset. A higher tooth count means the bike can push a bigger gear, making it faster for each pedal revolution.

How to calculate bicycle size?

Mountain bike size chart

  • City bike (Also commuter/hybrid bikes) size chart
  • Road bike size chart. To make it simple – Bicycle Guiders’ bike size graph. Got the right size? And now go cycling!
  • What size bike should I buy for my height?

    Take off your shoes and stand with your legs about 15-20 cm (6” – 8”) apart. Measure the height from the ground to your crotch.

  • Be sure of the type of bicycle you want: Mountain bike,city bike or road bike. You can read about the different bike types from here.
  • Now you can take your calculator and calculate the right size:
  • Are Giant Bikes good bikes?

    Yes, as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant bikes are good. Whether they are better than Trek, depends on your budget, riding style and personal preference. Giant Bicycles, as the biggest bike brand in the world, is also known as one of the best budget bike brands. It consistently gets high ratings in its mountain and hybrid bike categories.

    How good are Giant Bikes?

    Giant Bicycles History. Founded in 1972 in Taiwan,Giant manufactured and supplied bikes to brands like the U.S.-based Schwinn Bicycle Company.

  • It’s All About Location. Being based in Taiwan benefits Giant in several ways.
  • Advanced Technology. Giant has always been at the forefront of significant technological advances.