How is the station master job?

How is the station master job?

A Station Master (ASM) has to work in shifts. Also, he is also responsible for upkeep and cleanliness of the station. At small stations, Station Masters are assigned with commercial jobs like ticket/parcel booking, reservation etc.

Is station master a stressful job?

Over 39,000 station masters currently work with the Indian Railway, including over 1,500 in the Mumbai division of Central Railway and Mumbai Central division of Western Railway . “Nowadays the job of a station master has become very stressful due to heavy workloads,” one station master told Mirror.

Who is station master in railway station?

The station master is responsible for the management of other station employees and holds responsibility for safety and the efficient running of the station. The term was historically employed across stations of all sizes, leading to variation in the precise role.

What is the highest salary of station master?

The basic pay of the Railway Station Master Post is Rs. 36,500/-. Along with it, other allowances are also added to their salary….Railway Station Master Salary 2022.

Railway Station Master Salary Details
Salary Pay-Band Rs.5200 to 20,200/-
Basic Pay Rs.36,500/-
Grade Pay Rs.2800/-
In-hand Salary Rs.41,190

Which group is Station Master?

Group ‘C’ Posts: Technical and Non-Technical cadre posts like Clerk, Station Master, Ticket Collector, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, Engineering posts (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Signal & Telecommunication) etc.

What is salary of railway station master?

The typical Indian Railways Station Master salary is ₹5,62,991 per year. Station Master salaries at Indian Railways can range from ₹4,61,744 – ₹9,21,608 per year.

Which group is station master?

What is the duty hours of Station Master?

The official work hours of a Railway Station Master is 48 hours. On several occasions a Station Master may require to work extended hours. He or she is provides with overtime allowance for extended working hours.

Does Station Master get pension?

No pension but service gratuity shall be paid at a uniform rate of half months emoluments for every completed six monthly period of qualifying service.

Is assistant Station Master group B or C?