Is Pandemic fun with 2 players?

Is Pandemic fun with 2 players?

Pandemic is by far the most popular of Matt Leacock’s cooperative board games, but any of them work just as well with two people. Pandemic has you working together to eradicate disease epidemics, while Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert players must escape their respective forbidden landscapes.

What age is Pandemic appropriate for?

8 and up
From the manufacturer

Pandemic Pandemic – The Cure
Average Playtime 45 minutes 30 minutes
Recommended Player Age 8 and up 8 and up
Game Objectives Fight diseases Fight diseases
Cooperative Game

How long does Pandemic take to play?

45 min
Pandemic (board game)

Designers Matt Leacock
Genres Board game Role-playing game Cooperative gameplay
Players 2–4 (5 with On the Brink expansion) (1–6 with the In the Lab expansion)
Setup time 10 min
Playing time 45 min

Is Pandemic Legacy worth?

Overall, I enjoyed Pandemic: Legacy and found it worth the price of admission. Note that you destroy the game as you go through its campaign, so it has no resale value. (If you’re careful—setting pieces aside instead of destroying them when instructed to do so—you can still use the game as a basic Pandemic set.)

Is Pandemic a good family game?

Pandemic is fantastic family fun! It’s a cooperative board game that has everyone trying to beat the game – you either all win or all lose. And believe us, there are many ways to lose. Players take on different roles and work together to rid the world of diseases.

Is the Pandemic game for kids?

Pandemic (English version) A board game by Z-MAN Games | 2 to 4 Players |Board Games for Family |45-60 Minutes of Gameplay | Games for Family Game Night | For Kids and Adults Ages 8+

How long does it take to play the board game Pandemic?

45Pandemic / Playing time (minutes)
Player count, game length and overview Pandemic is a co-operative board game for two to four players in which you all work together to tackle a number of infectious diseases and try to cure them before they get out of control. It takes around 45 minutes to play.