What does a Power Commander connect to?

What does a Power Commander connect to?

Connect to the battery The power commander has one black 12v connector, which goes onto the black negative battery terminal.

How do you reset a Dynojet Power Commander 3?

To reset the throttle position click on “Power Commander Tools” and then select “Set Throttle Position. To reset both the closed and open throttle positions, first make sure that the bike is communicating to the computer, then click on “Reset”. Twist the throttle wide open and release. Now click OK.

How do you zero out a Power Commander 3?

Pushing the button repeatedly will move the light up (richening the mixture). When the two center lights are lit up this is the “0” setting. After making your adjustments wait 20 seconds before turning it off. This allows the settings to be saved to memory.

How do I connect my Power Commander to my laptop?

Software Installation

  1. Plug your Power Commander V into your computer using the supplied USB cable. The port on the Power Commander V is located on the right side of the device and is weather protected by a rubber strip that you can peel back.
  2. Click View > Show Notes to see a description of the map on your device.

How do I update Power Commander?

Updating the Firmware on Power Commander V

  1. Select Power Commander Tools > Configure > Update Firmware.
  2. Browse to the location of the firmware file.
  3. Select the file.
  4. Click Open.

Why is my power Commander III not communicating with the control center?

If your Power Commander III is not communicating to the Control Center Software, the first thing to do is to make sure the USB connector is fully seated into the power commander. If there is any silver showing on the USB connector that plugs into the Power Commander, it is not completely plugged in.

Why is my power commander USB device not working?

Answer: The Power Commander USB needs to be powered up by either the bike or a brand new 9 volt battery via the battery adapter. If the unit is not powered up, the computer will only see a USB device being plugged in, but will not allow the software to communicate.

How do I check my power Commander III software version?

If you need to check your software version, go to the “Help” menu in the software interface and select “About”. For additional Power Commander III resources — including manuals, software and firmware downloads, please visit our Downloads Center.

How do I connect the kill switch to the power commander?

Make sure that the ignition switch is on, the kill switch is in position, and the USB cable is firmly connected to both the Power commander and the computer. Make sure that the unit is staying powered up (green light will be lit on the face of the unit) and the your cable is connected. The USB cable needs to “snap” into place.