What is better than CKEditor?

What is better than CKEditor?

We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to CKEditor 5, including Froala Editor, TinyMCE, Summernote, and Quill.

Is CKEditor a plugin?

ckeditor add class This plugin allows you to add class to element. In toolbar you can add dropdown to which can have classes. And on selecting value from dropdown class will be added to current selected element.

How do I use CKEditor plugins?

Manual Installation

  1. Extract the plugin . zip archive.
  2. Copy the plugin files to the plugins folder of your CKEditor 4 installation. Each plugin must be placed in a sub-folder that matches its “technical” name.
  3. Check and resolve plugin dependencies.
  4. Enable the plugin.

Is CKEditor is free for angular?

Because CKEditor 4 has an active community that openly develops and shares add-ons, which you are welcome to take part in. Open Source applications are totally free! They do not include adware or limited trial periods, and can be used in commercial projects.

What is the difference between TinyMCE and CKEditor?

TinyMCE is built and maintained by Tiny Technologies — a team of 80+ people with over two decades of rich text editor building experience. CKEditor is a rich text editor available through either a free, somewhat restrictive open source license, or paid/free commercial licenses.

What is the difference between CKeditor and FCKeditor?

CKeditor is a complete rewrite of FCKeditor and its official successor. It’s also TinyMCE’s most prominent and worthy competitor. TinyMCE had a noticeable performance advantage over FCKeditor, but CKeditor was rewritten for performance so it’s at least as snappy. IMHO, if you are using Drupal, CKeditor is an easy choice.

Can I use n1ed with TinyMCE 4?

TinyMCE 4 is a well-known and trusted editor that you can continue to use further on. N1ED and other modern add-ons are completely compatible with it. Nevertheless, if you start a new project, we encourage you to take a look at TinyMCE 5, which uses the same API, so you won’t notice any issues when migrating from TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 5.

What’s the difference between TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5?

The rest of API from TinyMCE, both external and internal, was transferred to TinyMCE 5 mostly unchanged, so in many cases porting a TinyMCE 4 add-on to TinyMCE 5 is either mildly difficult or is back compatible. TinyMCE 4 is a well-known and trusted editor that you can continue to use further on.