What is fast cache in EMC?

What is fast cache in EMC?

FAST Cache utilizes flash drives as an additional cache layer within the system to temporarily store highly accessed data. It can only be created with SAS Flash 2 drives and is only applicable to hybrid pools.

What is fast in EMC storage?

Dell EMC FAST™ software allows the Dell EMC Unity™ product family to leverage high-performance Flash drives. FAST software consists of Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) and FAST Cache. These two features work in tandem to use the storage within the system as efficiently as possible.


First of all, FAST Cache you set up on Storage System level, so everything provisioned on the Storage Array can take an advantage, both RAID LUNs and pool LUNs. FAST VP is created in a Storage Pool, and can be used only for LUNs within that Storage Pool.

On which platform S is fast cache available?

“In EMC Unity, FAST Cache is only supported on Unity Hybrid systems, which includes models Unity 300, Unity 400, Unity 500, and Unity 600. The Unity 300, Unity 400, and Unity 500 all support either 200 GB SAS Flash 2 drives, or 400 GB SAS Flash 2 drives in FAST Cache.

What is fast cache in Vnx?

FAST VP. Allows Flash drives to be used to extend the existing caching capacity of the whole storage system. Allows a single LUN to leverage the advantages of multiple drive types through the use of storage pools.


About FAST VP Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) enables the system to retain the most frequently accessed or important data on fast, high-performance disks and move the less frequently accessed and less important data to lower-performance, cost-effective disks.

How much total storage space does the VNXe3200 storage device have?

It also supports features such as EMC’s Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) software suite and EMC Storage Analytics. The VNXe3200 supports up to 150 drives with a maximum capacity of 500 TB and a maximum FAST cache of up to 400 GB.


FAST VP stands for Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools. It’s a very smart solution for dynamically matching storage requirements with changes in the frequency of data access.

What is VNXe3200?

The VNXe3200 is a dense, 2U dual-controller unified storage system that provides FC and IP connectivity for concurrent SAN or NAS operations. With it you can: • Setup for NAS or SAN in minutes with new Unisphere wizards.

Which RAID configurations does the VNXe3200 storage system support?

The unit runs on two Intel Xeon, four-core 2.2 GHz processors, and supports RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10 configurations. The VNXe3200 comes with a series of software packs.

What is data mover in Vnx?

A Virtual Data Mover (VDM) is an EMC® VNX™ software feature that enables the grouping of Common Internet File Systems (CIFS) and/or Network File Systems (NFS) environments and servers into virtual containers.

What is a Dell VNXe?

The EMC VNXe series of storage systems are a family of systems that provides block storage and with some models file storage. The systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system.

What is Dell EMC Unity fast cache?

The Dell EMC Unity FAST software includes FAST Cache and FAST VP. FAST Cache uses flash drives as an additional cache layer within the system to temporarily store highly accessed data. For data not already located on Flash, the system copies the highly accessed 64 KB chunks of data from their current locations on spinning drives to FAST Cache.

How to enable fast cache on the system?

When FAST Cache is enabled on the system, you can view the FAST Cache configuration in the system Settings window. To open the Settings window is Unisphere, select the Update system settingsicon. While in the Settings window, select Storage Configurationin the left pane, then select FAST Cache.

What causes a fast cache promotion to occur?

copy of the data resides in FAST Cache. If so, the data in FAST Cache is updated and the write operation is acknowledged. If the data does not reside in FAST Cache, a write to the Pool occurs and the write is acknowledged. This write to the Pool may cause a FAST Cache promotion to occur.

What is the warm-up period for fast cache?

If the application frequently access data in a 64KB chunk of storage, the policy engine copies that cunk from the HDD LUN to FAST Cache. This operation is called promotion, and this period is called the warm-up period for FAST Cache.