What is the size of the Apple 2?

What is the size of the Apple 2?


Introduced: 3/2/1987
Form Factor: II
Gestalt ID: 6
Weight (lbs): 24
Dimensions (in): 5.5 H x 18.7 W x 14.4 D

Why was the Apple 2 computer so popular?

The user-friendly design and graphical display made Apple a leader in the first decade of personal computing. Unlike the earlier Apple I, for which users had to supply essential parts such as a case and power supply, the Apple II was a fully realized consumer product.

Did the Apple II have color?

Color on the Apple II The Apple II video output is really a monochrome display based upon the bit patterns in the video memory (or pixels). These pixels are combined in quadrature with the colorburst signal to be interpreted as color by a composite video display.

When did Apple II come out?

April 1977Apple II / Introduced

In 1976, computer pioneers Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs began selling their Apple I computer in kit form to computer stores. By August of that year, Wozniak started designing an improved version, the Apple II. Wozniak and Jobs demonstrated a prototype in December, and then introduced it to the public in April 1977.

What is the disadvantage of Apple II?

Cons: Graphically and acoustically, a real turkey. In terms of both its graphics and its sound, the Apple II computers are by far the worst of any major microcomputer of the 1980s. (The only exception is the Appple IIgs, which is discussed separately on this page.)

What happened to the Apple 2?

The last II-series Apple in production, the IIe card for Macintoshes, was discontinued on October 15, 1993. The total Apple II sales of all of its models during its 16-year production run were about 6 million units, with the peak occurring in 1983 when 1 million were sold.

What did Lisa draw on the Mac?

While waiting backstage for the event, she draws on the Mac using MacPaint, an “abstract” painting that endears her to her dad, who then decides to give more money to Chrisann. Pure fiction. 4) At the launch, the 1984 ad is introduced by Apple’s Mike Markkula.