What is the synonym of rectifying?

What is the synonym of rectifying?

Some common synonyms of rectify are amend, correct, emend, redress, reform, remedy, and revise. While all these words mean “to make right what is wrong,” rectify implies a more essential changing to make something right, just, or properly controlled or directed.

What does rectifying the situation mean?

to correct something
to correct something or make something right: I am determined to take whatever action is necessary to rectify the situation.

What is an example of rectify?

Rectify is defined as to make something right. An example of rectify is for a person to do something to make up for hurting a friend. To adjust (the proof of alcoholic beverages) by adding water or other liquids. To set right; correct.

What does rectified mean in the Bible?

bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one. “The Church reformed me”; “reform your conduct”

How do you use the word rectified?

How to use rectify in a sentence. My mother had this rectified in a later publication of the paper, but that, of course, I never saw. By this method a line can be reserved for each hand, and any discrepancy in the scores at once rectified. The error was rectified, but only temporarily, at the Somme.

What is the opposite of rectify?

Opposite of to put right. break. corrupt. damage. destroy.

What is a word for problem solving?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for problem-solve, like: critical-thinking, , interpersonal, creatively, communicative, metacognitive, , time-management, teamworking, group-work and null.

Has been rectified meaning?

Rectified is defined as made something right or corrected. An example of rectified is if you made an error in calculations on a problem you were solving and you subsequently went back and fixed the error. verb. 3. Simple past tense and past participle of rectify.

What is a good sentence for rectify?

Rectify sentence example. No simple apology was going to rectify this situation. Thankfully there is still time to rectify these mistakes. Attempts to rectify these shortcomings are currently taking place.

What is the antonym for rectify?

Antonyms. curdle nitrify empty die worsen. change convert exchange. rectify (English)

What part of speech is rectify?

verb (used with object), rec·ti·fied, rec·ti·fy·ing.

What does rectify mean?

Rectify verb. to make or set right; to correct from a wrong, erroneous, or false state; to amend; as, to rectify errors, mistakes, or abuses; to rectify the will, the judgment, opinions; to rectify disorders. Rectify verb

What does rectifying mean?

1. to make, put, or set right; correct: to rectify an error. 2. to put right by adjustment or calculation, as a course at sea. 3. to purify (esp. a spirit or liquor) by repeated distillation. 4. to change (an alternating current) into a direct current.

What does rectified mean?

Rectified tile is fired tile— ceramic or porcelain tile —that has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. Since it applies only to the tile’s edges, it is called an edge treatment. Additionally, the edges are usually precisely cut at a square: a 90-degree angle. Rectification is not considered better than other edge treatments.

What is a synonym for rectify?

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