What mic is best for recording violin?

What mic is best for recording violin?

Let’s recap: AKG C 414 XLS condenser microphone: Best sounding condenser mic on violin. Beyerdynamic M 160 ribbon microphone: Best sounding ribbon dynamic mic on violin in studio and live performances. DPA d: dicate 4011C condenser microphone: Best clip-on microphone for violin in studio and live performances.

Should you practice violin with a tuner?

A tuner is fine for tuning your instrument..and fine for periodic checks to make sure you are on track. But it is not a substitute teacher and you shouldn’t rely on it as such. Most beginners actually start with the scales of G (one sharp) or D (2 sharps) because the finger placement is easier.

How do you mic a live performance violin?

Most experienced violinists would recommend placing the microphone to a position that you are comfortable with that will not cause any hindrance to the performance while getting the best possible sound. Putting it on top of the chin-rest just above the bow/string area is a good option.

How can I make my violin sound better when recording?

Position it out and up from the instrument. Point it toward the area where the bow plays. Large diaphragm condenser microphones (in a cardioid pattern) generally sound good on violins, violas, and cellos alike. A close ribbon mic sounds great in combination with a small or large diaphragm mic (at more of a distance).

Why is it so hard to tune my violin?

Many factors can contribute to problems with tuning: ill-fitting pegs that slip or stick; fine tuners that don’t work; old strings that have gone false. One of my adult students this week had decided to get fine tuners on all his strings to make it easier to tune.

Do violinists play in equal temperament?

So, to sum up, violins can’t be tuned to equal temperament at all, violins are system-free instruments.

Why do professional violinists only use one fine tuner?

Steel strings were cheap and used on student instruments. Therefore, steel strings and fine tuners became associated with the value of the instrument. And even when steel strings became more popular and well-made, the tradition of leaving only one fine tuner for the E-string on more expensive instruments stuck.

How far should a mic be from a violin?

A string instrument can sound great with a single condenser mic that’s well placed. In general, the best starting place for a mic on a string instrument is: 2 to 3 feet away from the instrument. Out and up from the instrument.

How to tune violin tuner?

– To tune your violin, you will need a tuner. The most basic way to tune the instrument is by turning each peg until the needle on your tuner moves into the correct note. Be sure to turn each peg only one or two times, and gradually increase how tightly you are turning it until they’re in tune.

What is the best violin tuner to get?

Our Favorite Beginner Violin Tuner Metronome: We have found the Korg TM-40 to be a fantastic violin tuner metronome for beginners,and will carry you well into your musical life.

  • Violin Tuner. What’s one of the greatest violin tuner features for beginner violin?
  • Violin Metronome.
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  • How do I tune my violin?

    Turn on the tuner.

  • Pluck the G string on your violin.
  • Watch the display on the tuner and see where the note lies.
  • Adjust the string up or down depending on what the tuner says.
  • Repeat for all four strings.
  • How do you tune a violin?

    “Each variation of the tune portrays a different friend of his Opening with William Grant Still’s “Wood Notes,” the program continues with Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35,” which will feature Spokane Symphony