Which brand ponni rice is best?

Which brand ponni rice is best?

Ramajeyam Premium Rice RAMAJEYAM BEST Sona Masuri Ponni Rice – 5Kg Sona Masoori Rice (Medium Grain, Boiled) (5 kg) RAMAJEYAM Premium Rice is one of the leading Registered rice brand in Tamil Nadu producing quality rice for the consumers.

What is special about ponni rice?

The variety is rich in calories with up to 5 kcal per particle of rice. The company Ponni and Sona Mera are the biggest customers of the product rice. Ponni rice could be cultivated in any land, with high quality water, but best grown in Tamil Nadu in the Kaveri water.

Which ponni rice is good for health?

Ponni rice is house to high quantities of B-6 vitamin. You also get a zinc boost with one cup of boiled Ponni rice. This improves immunity. Lastly, the carbs and proteins in this rice are extremely digestible. AMK offers the purest and the best tasting Ponni rice in the whole of South India.

How much does Ponni rice cost?

BB Royal Rice – Boiled, Tamil Ponni, 1 kg (12 – 17 Months Old)

MRP: Rs 75
Price: Rs 57
You Save: 24%
(Inclusive of all taxes)

Which rice is best in Kerala?

Of all the rice varieties in Kerala, the Palakkadan Mattan Rice is probably the best known and one of the select rice varieties from the state that has been awarded a GI (Geographical Indication) tag. The Mattan rice thrives in the black cotton soil and humid weather of the Palakkad region.

How much does 25 kg of rice cost?

market price of 25kg Rice in India is Rs 1,900/ Bag.

Which rice variety is best?

The most versatile rice type has to be white rice. It is known worldwide and adapts to any form of cooking in any cuisine. It has a fluffy and a very slight sticky texture when fully cooked and provides energy to the body too. This is the best kind of rice for dishes that requires stuffing and stir-frying.