Who does Saito Hiraga end up with?

Who does Saito Hiraga end up with?

In season 2, It is revealed that Saito is in love with Louise and even confesses it to her. Louise didn’t say it verbally, but both know she feels the same way for Saito. At the end of season two, Saito and Louise make vows ceremony as commitment to each other in that flowers linked to each other.

Does Saito get with siesta?

Siesta is a maid at the Tristain Academy of Magic and is the second person to fall in love with Saito and is Louise’s first rival to win his affections. Since meeting Siesta, Saito and Siesta immediately develop a close friendship and relationship and begin spending a lot of time together.

Does Agnes like Saito?

She seems to have developed a friendship with Saito. When Agnès learns that Saito no longer has Gandálfr’s powers, she trains with him to fight. She does this because she is aware that Saito wants to protect Louise.

Does Tabitha like Saito?

Soon after Tabitha is declared the heir to the throne of Gallia, but postpones the coronation to live with Saito in De Ornielle with Louise and Siesta, because Tabitha has a crush on Saito.

Who is Saito Hiraga wife?

Louise de la Vallière
Saito Hiraga

Saito Chevalier de Hiraga
Father Unknown father
Mother Unknown mother
Wife Louise de la Vallière

How did Shinsengumi end?

End of Shinsengumi Hijikata was killed from a gunshot wound on June 20 (lunar calendar May 11), 1869, during the Battle of Hakodate in Hokkaido.

Who is Saito Hiraga?

Saito Hiraga is the main male protagonist of the anime, light novel and manga series, The Familiar of Zero. He is transported from his home in Tokyo, Japan to the magical world of the kingdom of Tristain and becomes the Familiar to Louise, acquiring the power of “Gandolf”, the Magical protector to a Void Mage.

How did Saito come to Halkeginia?

Before coming to Halkeginia, Saito had an ordinary life in Japan. While walking home with a computer in his hand, he stumbled upon a large green portal. Saito reached out to touch it, and it teleported him to a foreign world where he is later deemed Louise’s familiar.

What happened to Saito in our sword?

Saito was given the nickname “Our Sword” by the head cook in episode three, where Louise takes Saito into town to purchase a weapon for him, which happens to be the legendary sword Derfflinger. At the end of Season 2 he is killed in battle but is revived by a fairy (who was in fact the same fairy who revived Guiche).

Can Saito fight without his familiar powers?

Even with a body forged from experience, saito is still a brain type, meaning without him familiar powers he can’t fight as well as a body type person. In the light novels it is revealed that not only is Saito the familiar of Louise, but also the familiar of Tiffania.