Who played Dracula in old movies?

Who played Dracula in old movies?

Bela Lugosi is perhaps the actor best associated with the character, Dracula. He portrayed the iconic vampire in the 1931 film, Dracula. Other actors who famously played Dracula include Gerard Butler and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Although he may be more memorable, Christopher Lee played the count ten times.

Who is a famous Dracula actor?

Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi, original name Blasko Béla Ferenc Dezső, (born October 20, 1882, Lugos, Hungary [now Lugoj, Romania]—died August 16, 1956, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), Hungarian-born motion-picture actor who was most famous for his sinister portrayal of the elegantly mannered vampire Count Dracula.

Who played Dracula in the 80’s?

Dracula (1979 film)

Starring Frank Langella Laurence Olivier Donald Pleasence Kate Nelligan
Cinematography Gilbert Taylor
Edited by John Bloom
Music by John Williams

Who played Dracula in 1950?

Christopher Lee
LONDON – Christopher Lee, the English actor who found fame as Count Dracula in the 1950s and whose career was resurrected a half century later with villainous roles in the “Star Wars” and “Lord of The Rings” franchises, has died. He was 93.

Who played Dracula in the 90’s?

Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman played the main role in “Dracula” in 1992. Sometimes referred to as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” the film won three Oscars for best costume design, best sound effects editing, and best makeup.

What is the best Dracula movie ever made?

16 Best Dracula Movies Ranked, According To IMDb

  1. 1 Nosferatu (1922) – 7.9.
  2. 2 Dracula (1931) – 7.5.
  3. 3 Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979) – 7.5.
  4. 4 Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – 7.4.
  5. 5 Count Dracula (1977) – 7.4.
  6. 6 Horror Of Dracula (1958) – 7.3.
  7. 7 Hotel Transylvania (2012) – 7.1.
  8. 8 The Monster Squad (1987) – 7.0.