What is a PROFINET device?

What is a PROFINET device?

PROFINET is a communication protocol to exchange data between controllers and devices. PROFINET components employ the consumer provider model for data exchange. With this model, controllers and IO devices can both assume consumer and provider roles, leveraging the full-duplex nature of Ethernet.

What is difference between PROFINET and Ethernet?

PROFINET is generally faster than EtherNet/IP and most often deployed with standard hardware … though PROFINET IRT requires specific hardware. EtherNet/IP is more interoperable, as it’s based on object-oriented programming and relies on commercial off-the-shelf (CotS) components.

What is the advantage of PROFINET?

Productivity to the power of four – and simple transition. PROFINET give you new ways to boost your productivity with four decisive advantages – openness, flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

What is the difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET?

Because it’s ethernet based, PROFINET can operate on a much higher transmission speed than PROFIBUS. With PROFINET, the cycle times are also adjustable for each device, whereas PROFIBUS has a fixed cycle time. PROFINET is applied in a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, oil and gas, logistics, etc.

What speed is PROFINET?

100 Mbit/s
PROFINET networks achieve speeds of 100 Mbit/s or even 1 Gbit/s and higher. The telegram size can be up to 1440 bytes, and there are no limits on the address space.

What is the basic function of a PROFINET?

The basic function of the Profinet is the cyclic data exchange between the IO-Controller as producer and several IO-Devices as consumers of the output data and the IO-Devices as producers and the IO-Controller as consumer of the input data.

What are the different PROFINET profiles?

There are PROFINET profiles for encoders, robots, and process instruments, for example. Other profiles have been specified for motion control (PROFIdrive) and Functional Safety (PROFIsafe). Another profile is PROFIenergy which includes services for real time monitoring of energy demand.

What is profprofinet?

Profinet (usually styled as PROFINET, as a portmanteau for Process Field Net) is an industry technical standard for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, designed for collecting data from, and controlling equipment in industrial systems, with a particular strength in delivering data under tight time constraints (on the order of 1ms or less).

What is the difference between PROFINET and Profibus?

Profinet defines three node classes: “Master”, often a PLC. Depending on the capabilities, different conformance classes are assigned. The first digit in the Communication Profile (CP) is the Communication Profile Family (CPF). Profinet and Profibus are CPF 3, while for example Ethercat is CPF 12.